Marketing Simplified for Service Business Owners

Are you in the business of YOU?

Terry Pappy, Founder and Chief Creative Strategist, shares about being in the Business of YOU


What's the "3" in Better3?

Over time I created a simple three-pronged approach to marketing and branding strategies that has worked incredibly well for our clients. By reverse engineering the end game and deepening our understanding of business relationships, we were able to increase the effectiveness of our sales and marketing solutions tenfold. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Better Understanding: Our first goal is to deeply understand our clients, their consultancy and their clients. This helps us get a solid grasp of the outcomes they most want and how we can bring them about. Understanding who our client is and what makes them unique guides everything we strategize for their marketing and sales processes as an Independent Consultant.

  2. Better Communication: Once we have the insight to formulate a brand and a position, we create much simpler—and clearer—marketing messages that drive business and optimize existing business. We productize services to make them a "can't say no" proposition for prospects, which simplifies marketing and facilitates the longevity of consulting engagements.

  3. Better Relationships: We consider our client's behaviors and preferences before designing any solution. Every strategy we recommend is driven by a win-win for our clients and their clients, so they develop healthier business relationships that increase wallet share, advocacy and lifetime value.


Better3's approach to relationship health; the cornerstone of all we do.


It all started with Freddy.

I've always been a tad silly, but from the very beginning, a true creative.

That silly nine-year-old me was so clear about that as I sat curled over the living room coffee table, concentrating on drawing characters with layers-deep personalities. My sketchbook was filled with cartoon animals named, "Freddy the Frog with a Reinforced Crotch"—one for every alphabet letter complete with a backstory. And then there was the soap opera series of horse families who wore hats and pants and gossiped in cartoon bubbles while sitting at the family dinner table.

That and many more creative inventions, drawings, stories and little plastic or rubber animals tucked in the bookcase, on the sofa, on my dad's belly or out in the yard filled my childhood imagination. There was no end.

Those early days drawing and storytelling led to a long, diverse career in creative work, from setting type in wintry Pittsburgh to running blueprints and doing press checks in Orlando. Innovating digital media at the newspaper. Managing an agency's top IBM account. Directing a diverse web team at Marriott International.

Every step in my creative career has built a foundation that underscores what I do for clients today as the founder of Better3. I've published several non-fiction books, led creative workshops and stood in front of hundreds giving keynotes. The spectrum of communication mediums that I've been able to work in has been textured, challenging and immensely rewarding.



For the love of writing.

When I create a brand story for a client, I search for what makes them most special. What are their stand-apart qualities? What makes them jump out of bed in the morning? What is their favorite way of serving their clients?

When I explore their client stories, I unearth the real magic that lies within people. It enables me to craft a story, a message and a brand that promotes the "know, like, trust" factor and builds relationships.

Being able to free a client to be who they really are is one of the greatest gifts I have to offer. I love seeing a client more fully embrace—and showcase—their uniqueness, It makes the creative work I do incredibly rewarding and satisfying.