The StoryBrand Marketing Checklist

  1. Aware: I’ve heard of you

  2. Understand: I know what you do

  3. Interest: The results you promise will help me

  4. Respect: You are credible

  5. Trust: You have my best interests at heart

  6. Able: I can marshal the resources

  7. Ready: The timing is good

I care about you and I’m here to guide you. Empathy + Authority (remove the risk)

What does my target market want? What are they asking for?

It’s more than just a clear message; it’s a clear identity.

A one-liner is a sentence or two that you use whenever somebody asks what you do. The one liner has three parts:
Your website should draw customers into a relationship with you and then invite them into a better story. Here are the parts of your website that you should create: