Marketing Simplified for Service Business Owners

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The guidance, wisdom and support you need in three awesome products:

1. An all-about-you, super-simple marketing map that makes growing your business easy

2. Done-for-you implementation so your stuff gets done fast and without the DIY headaches

3. Tactical coaching to provide you the guidance and accountability you need to win

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KISS Marketing Map™

Kick off simpler marketing with a powerful map that builds a more efficient foundation for business growth.

Whether you're a consultant, speaker, coach or author and your business has you running around in circles either chasing new business or traveling all over the place taking care of clients, it's time to simplify in three easy steps:

Step 1


The first step is to identify what really makes you that stand-apart expert AND what makes you, well, YOU. We base this on your past successes as well as what the marketplace is currently seeking.

Step 2


Second, we’ll clarify who your best client is—the one you love to work with AND has money to spend—and craft a distinct, concise message that will build that know, like trust factor fast.

Step 3


And lastly, and this is the most powerful step, is we’ll productize your services with fresh branding and clear messaging so your ideal client can easily say, “YES!" to doing business with you.


We’ll make it so easy to do business with you that before you know it, you’ll be increasing your prices, working less and finding more time for YOU.


Take a moment to imagine...

◊ having such a clear message, closing deals becomes effortless

◊ knowing exactly where to find your audience and growing it while you sleep

◊ working with clients who appreciate, value and refer you over and over

◊ getting more enjoyment and satisfaction from your work

◊ making three or four times the money on each engagement

◊ working less and having more time for YOU


Business of YOU™ Generator

After completing a KISS Marketing Map, you're ready for the next step: implementation.

Now that you have a KISS Marketing Map, what's next? Either implement yourself or let us help you. A Business of YOU Generator has three simple steps that will get those leads rocking in fast and furious:


We take your KISS Marketing Map and create a lead generation and a sales funnel, and plan lead nurturing automation and your sales process.


We build a lead generation and product showcase website with a clear message and brand. All advertising, sales and social media promotion is driven and converted here.


We create an opt-in lead magnet and automated campaign that captures leads. This includes a printable PDF/eBook based on your expertise.


We also provide ongoing marketing support and training, so you or your staff can easily create additional content that drives conversions.


Partnership is about trust

We're here to be your partner for as long as you want,

for as long as you need us,

for just about anything.



Tactical Coaching

Need coaching? Accountability? A bit of guidance with the tactical?

We care about the results you want out of your business. After all, that's why we're doing all of this, right? We realized through our amazing clients that it's not all about getting the branding, marketing and sales right. It's also about getting your head right AND getting stuff done.

Our clients inspired us to design a coaching program that's a perfect blend of traditional coaching and tactical consulting. We call it Tactical Coaching: it allows us to be a business coach and a consultant for the tactical stuff.

The other great thing about Tactical Coaching is that it is designed to work incredibly well with our other products. It provides you the access and the guidance—and sometimes the attitude adjustment—you need to succeed.


Our Tactical Coaching is flexible and easy to afford. Choose from a six month, nine month or one year of twice-a-month call-in support with Terry and her team and always know we've got your back.


When you succeed, you're happy. When you make more money, you're happy. When you feel healthy and vibrant, you're happy.

So let's get you feeling happy so all of those things fall into place!