Resources to Get You Going

If we've had a few conversations, I likely have recommended a book, thought leader or resource to help you take the next step on your exciting journey to improve your business or your life. Here are a few of the resources I highly recommend to check out.


Books for Business Growth

These books have served as guideposts to much of how I run my business. From productizing your services to making the sales process easier, each will help you understand more about how to grow your business and get the confidence you need to succeed.


Books for Personal and Spiritual Development

The following are books I have found to be must-haves on my bookshelf, although I have to admit I've read more of this genre of books than any other (if you could see my Kindle library, you'd be scrolling a long while). They have been pivotal in my personal enrichment and spiritual path. I've also included my Compass Playbook works here as well (visit the site at for those of you who want a fun, creative and intentional way to reach your goals faster and manifest the life you want.