S1E1: Creating the Business of YOU Mindset

This is the first episode in the inaugural season of the Business of YOU podcast, and it's about Creating a Business of YOU Mindset. The Business of YOU Mindset is the mental and emotional state you consistently maintain while doing work you love. It promotes inspired action, heightens the satisfaction you get from your work and helps you achieve the results you want faster. Let me repeat that. The Business of YOU Mindset is the mental and emotional state you consistently maintain while doing work you love. It promotes inspired action, heightens the satisfaction you get from your work and helps you achieve the results you want faster.

It is the principle factor that determines your ability to achieve the business success you want for yourself and your family.

That's kinda big, isn't it. 

Think about it for a minute. If you can consistently maintain a deliberate mindset, virtually nothing can stop you from achieving any of your biggest business goals.

This doesn't just apply to business, either. You can apply this to any aspect of your life—physical well-being and health, relationships, finances, community give-back—whatever you are most passionate about in life.

Alright. Let's get started unpacking this episode: Creating the Business of YOU Mindset.

The Business of YOU is about infusing 100% YOU into your business. It's about uncovering, cultivating and communicating what makes you, well, YOU. It's about taking what makes you YOU and building a brand that is so distinct you never have to worry about competition EVER.

With a Business of YOU, you get to build direct connections with the people who are not only seeking what you offer, but who you most want to work with. They get to see more of you, who you are, learn why you do what you do, what it's like to work with you, and as a result they value what you help them generate in their life or business.

When you take the time to figure out who you are—and present yourself that way—you attract more of the “right” clients, the ones who are looking for someone exactly like you. These are the people who value what you do for them and pay handsomely for your specific expert service.
— Pia Silva, "When Marketing Is A Waste Of Time & Money" Forbes, 2/28/18

Today, we have access to incredible mediums, technology and audiences. This access will continue to expand, strengthen and diversify our ability to connect with the people we most want to serve, to expose ourselves to ideas that inspire us, and to create economies of scale so we can make more money and have more freedom and flexibility to live the lives we want.

Isn't that why you started your business in the first place?

Of the business owners I work with, the top three reasons they started their business are:

  1. To have the freedom to do the work they want to do and are called to do the way they want to do it
  2. To have the freedom to enjoy unlimited income for themselves and/or their family
  3. To have the freedom in how they use their time, who they "answer to" and the choices they make

Did you notice that "freedom" is a root motivator for entrepreneurs? So if the desire for more freedom is a driving force, why are so many business owners burdened with frustrations around running their business, getting quality resources, growing revenue, standing apart from competitors, or simply getting stuff done so they can achieve their markers of success?

This is where mindset comes in.

Now, I'm not going to deliver mindset 101 here. If you are running a business, you already know the importance of mindset. You know that your attitude about your work is what makes you happy about your business or unhappy and fearful about what's not going right with your business. You may have read a book or two about mindset. You may also be regularly listening to uplifting podcasts or reading motivational blogs about maintaining the right attitude. You may even be creating content for your audience about mindset and being positive and upbeat despite the challenges of life.

Making these investments in time are more than likely having an impact on your business mindset. However, what if you're doing these things and still having challenges in your business? Still not finding the time to do what you need to do? Still feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or confused about how to move the needle and accomplish your bigger business goals?

Let's get you into the Business of YOU mindset so you can open yourself up to inspired action, increase the satisfaction you get from your work and achieve the results you want faster.


This is a practical, tactical and inspirational podcast designed to not just conceptualize how to be more successful with your work, simplify your marketing and scale your business, but to actually give you the practices and tactics and inspiration to get where you want to be faster and more enjoyably.

There are three core components you need to create a Business of YOU mindset:

  1. Be open to the idea that mindset drives results. There's a common belief that you need to work hard to achieve your goals in business, and in anything, actually. In a Business of YOU, your work is meant to be easy, fluid, fun, inspiring, rewarding, and overflowing with freedom. Now, I'm not implying that you need to just grab an apple, kick back and let the business come to you, no. What I am saying here is that when you consistently maintain the right mindset, you will be inspired to a ton of different and fun things to do that will get you results faster and in a more enjoyable way. And wouldn't you rather have it be that way instead of the hard way?
  2. Monitor mindset through your emotions and results. The most intimate way you can tell if you have a mindset that's going to help you reach your business goals and enjoy experiences you most want to enjoy is by doing a self-check of your emotions (how you feel) and your results (what your external experience is showing you). This association has been proven by neurologists and cognitive psychologists that if you are in a bad mood, worried, fearful, anxious, overwhelmed, etc., you are not in a mindset that's going to deliver the outcomes you want. What it will do is deliver more of what you're worried about, what you fear, what you're having anxiety about, etc.
  3. Understand that mindset is 100% in your power. This may seem like a big "duh," but think about it. How many business owners do you know who seem to chronically complain about their lack of success, the competition, the cost of resources, the confusion around what to do, the frustration around not having enough time to do what they know they need to do to be successful and so on? How often do you catch yourself thinking that way? It probably happens more than you realize. So own that power to direct your attention to the mindset that is going to help you stay engaged, eager and productive. Don't let external conditions push you off course. Just say, "Oh, will you look at that. Okay, I don't have to let that knock me off my high-flying place. I get to choose how I respond to that thing over there," and just keep on truckin. It's even more fun to have a very light and lively sense of humor about those things that would normally knock you over, because remember. In the grand scheme of things, it really probably doesn't matter because you're up to big things, right?

So here are a few things you can write or think about that will help you take charge of your mindset. The key here is to shift to a Business of YOU mindset so everything you do in your business will forward the outcomes you most want as well as making it a super fun journey along the way.

  1. Think back over the last week or so to a day that really didn't go well. Whether you were worried about something, had concerns about money, had an upset with a client, or just couldn't get stuff done. Whatever the frustration or the upset, focus on what that day was like. Did you feel like you were at the mercy of conditions? Time constraints? Client demands? Money pressures? Did you find yourself coming up with excuses or pointing the finger at external conditions that you felt were the reason things were going so poorly? Step back from that day and objectively (if you can) look at how you handled the things that were happening. Now that you're past that experience, what would you like to do differently looking back?
  2. Now, think back over the last week or so to a day that went awesome. You got a big check in the mail. You had a great conversation with a new prospective client. You went for a walk to take a break and just felt great, like you could achieve anything. Your mind was filled with new ideas, creativity and you looked forward to trying something new in your business. You had a client call you and share a big breakthrough they had and how they were so appreciative of your role in helping them. As you're reflecting back on that day, objectively look at how you enjoyed the things that were happening. What was it about that day that was different from the day that things didn't go so well and you were feeling pretty discouraged or fearful? Do some journaling about how you felt, how you reacted and what you notice about each day that was different.

As business owners, especially if we are the creator and our heart goes into everything we do. It's easy to beat up on yourself or blame yourself for things that go wrong or why you're just stuck and not achieving your goals. I've fallen into this trap many times and have to really focus myself into a better mindset. It's as if I look around for someone to blame, and since there's no one in the room but me, well, I blame myself, and you may too. That's a normal human response, and we are often way too hard on ourselves.

Give yourself permission to go easier on yourself. Laugh at the silliness or the stuff that goes on that makes you go sideways. Having a good sense of humor goes a long way. Besides, we're the ones who are taking it way too seriously. I know, I'm one of them, and I've learned to laugh at myself quite a bit in the last few years.

So here's the most powerful yet simple tip to start retraining your brain to adopt a Business of YOU mindset: make a list or journal about all of the things that you have done to build your business, serve your clients, provide value, earn a living, create products and services that really help you express your talents and help others. Write about all of the things you appreciate about being in business, having control over your day, who you work with and the work you choose to do. Celebrate what makes you, YOU!

Start every day with a five-minute writing exercise where you reflect on the prior day in that state of appreciation. It will work wonders at helping you kick off your new day with a light and lively Business of YOU mindset.

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